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Stylus Photo 785EPX, 895 printer Service Repair Manuals is a handbook published by Epson company or a specialized publishing engineer that provides instructions and specifications for the maintenance, repair, recover, restore, and how to adjust all error message of Stylus Photo 785EPX, 895 Printer.

Download  Stylus Photo 785EPX, 895  printer Service Repair Manuals

Stylus Photo 785EPX, 895 printer Service Repair Manuals may contains Disassembly and Reassembly, Alignment, Troubleshooting guides, Exploded Views, Parts List, System Diagram, Circuit diagram…

Stylus Photo 785EPX, 895 printer Services Repair Manuals is often used for the Service Center of Epson.

Compatible Models : Stylus Photo 785EPX, 895

About Stylus Photo 785EPX, 895 Printers Service Manual

This manual describes basic functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance and repair procedures of the printer. The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair technicians, and attention should be given to the precautions on the preceding page

This manual consists of six chapters and Appendix


Provides a general overview and specifications of the product


Describes the theory of electrical and mechanical operations of the product


Describes the step-by-step procedures for the troubleshooting


Describes the step-by-step procedures for disassembling

and assembling the product


Provides Epson-approved methods for adjustment


Provides preventive maintenance procedures and the lists of Epson-approved lubricants and adhesives required for servicing the product


Provides the following additional information for reference:

+ Connector pin assignments

+ Electric circuit boards components layout

+ Electrical circuit boards schematics

+ Exploded diagram & Parts List





1.2.1 Physical Specification

1.2.2 Printing Specification

1.2.3 Paper Feeding

1.2.4 Input Data Buffer

1.2.5 Electric Specification

1.2.6 Environmental Condition

1.2.7 Reliability

1.2.8 Safety Approvals

1.2.9 Acoustic Noise

1.2.10 CE Marking


1.3.1 USB Interface

1.4 PCMCIA Card Slot

1.4.1 Card Slot Standard

1.4.2 Supported Memory Card

1.4.3 Supported Voltage

1.5 Standalone Print Function

1.5.1 File System

1.5.2 File Format

1.5.3 Valid Image Sizes

1.5.4 Maximum Number of Photo Data Files

1.5.5 Thumbnail Image Data

1.5.6 File Sort File Sort Rule Date Data Capture Rule Date Range

1.6 Printer PNL Operation Specifications

1.6.1 Switches

1.6.2 Indicators

1.6.3 Panel Functions

1.6.4 Printer Condition and Panel Status

1.7 Printer Initialization

1.8 Initial setting values

1.9 Errors

1.10 Printing of filled patterns

1.11 Monochrome PNL operation specification

1.11.1 Appearance

1.11.2 Swith Function

1.11.3 Process LED

1.11.4 Error Display (LCD)

1.12 PAPER

1.12.1 Paper Handling

1.12.2 Paper Specification Cut Sheet Envelope EPSON special media

1.12.3 Printing Area Cut Sheet Envelopes


1.13.1 Black Ink Cartridge

1.13.2 Color Ink Cartridge

1.14 Accessories and Option

1.15 Changing the Model Name

* Chapter 2 Operating Principles

2.1 Overview

2.1.1 Printer Mechanism

2.1.2 Printhead Printing Process Printing Method

2.1.3 Carriage Mechanism

2.1.4 Paper Feeding Mechanism

2.1.5 Paper Loading Mechanism (ASF Unit)

2.1.6 Ink System Mechanism Pump Unit & Wiper mechanism Capping Mechanism

2.2 Electrical Circuit Operating Principles

2.2.1 C408 PSE board Process how 42VDC, 5VDC and 3.3VDC are generated Protection circuit PS Control Function Power saving mode

2.2.2 C408 MAIN Board Main elements Printhead Driver Circuit CR Motor Driver Circuit PF Motor Driver Circuit ASF Motor Drive Circuit Reset and EEPROM circuits Sensor Circuit

* Chapter 3 Troubleshooting

3.1 Overview

3.2 Troubleshooting with LED Error Indications

* Chapter 4 Disassembly and Assembly

4.1 Overview

4.1.1 Precautions

4.1.2 Tools

4.1.3 Work Completion Check

4.2 Disassembly

4.2.1 Housing Removal

4.2.2 Operation Panel removal Printer Panel Board Removal Monochrome panel board removal

4.2.3 Housing Lower Cover Removal Housing Lower Cover Left Removal Housing Lower Cover Right Removal

4.2.4 Printhead removal

4.2.5 CR motor removal

4.2.6 Waste drain ink pad unit removal

4.2.7 Printer mechanism removal

4.2.8 Circuit board removal

4.2.9 LD Roller removal

4.2.10 HP/PE Sensor removal

4.2.11 Ink system unit removal (Cap & Pump unit )

4.2.12 ASF Motor Removal

4.2.13 Paper Eject Roller removal

4.2.14 PF motor removal

4.2.15 CR unit removal

4.2.16 Paper feed roller removal

4.2.17 Disassembling ASF frame unit

4.3 Preview monitor disassembly procedure

4.3.1 Back case removal

4.3.2 Removal of the control board unit

4.3.3 Panel unit removal

* Chapter 5 Adjustment

5.1 Outline

5.1.1 Adjustment items

5.2 Parallel adjustor

5.3 Adjustments with the service program

5.3.1 Outline

5.3.2 Starting up the service program

5.3.3 EEPROM initial setting

5.3.4 Head ID

5.3.5 Bi-D

5.3.6 USB ID

5.3.7 Memory card drive confirmation

5.3.8 Head cleaning

5.3.9 Ink replenishment

5.3.10 Refurbishment for DOA

5.3.11 Protection counter

5.3.12 Printing on normal A4 paper

5.3.13 CSIC information

5.3.14 EEPROM data

5.4 Firmware update

5.4.1 Firmware update method

5.4.2 Firmware version check method

5.5 Adjustment/inspection of the preview monitor

5.5.1 Update to the firmware for inspection

5.5.2 Brightness adjustment Brightness adjustment procedures

5.5.3 Image pattern inspection

* Chapter 6 Maintenance

6.1 Overview

6.1.1 Cleaning

6.1.2 Service Maintenance

* Chapter 7 Appendix

7.1 Connector Summary

7.1.1 Major Component Unit

7.1.2 EEPROM Address Map (printer section)

7.1.3 EEPROM Address Map (Storage section)

7.2 Exploded Diagram

7.3 Parts List

7.4 Electrical Circuits

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